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Best Sleeper Chairs for Small Spaces

sleeper chairs for small spaces

One of the challenges of living in a small space is that you can’t have people crushing at your house for the night. However, you create some extra sleeping space with a snug sleeper chair so that when one of your friends decides to pop-in unannounced, he can rest assured that he is sorted for the night. 

There are many sleeper sofas you can buy that have been designed to fit effortlessly in your small apartment. Most of these are under six feet long but can still be converted into a functional bed that any guest will be glad to spend their night on.

Some even come with storage space underneath that you can store sheets and pillows, which is quite convenient when space is an issue. Among the best sleeper sofas for small spaces in the market, today is the Hughes Twin Sleeper manufactured by Jaybird. 

This seat boasts a sleek contemporary design and comes with a twin-size mattress that will comfortably accommodate two guests. Its 66 by 37 by 33-inch frame will easily fit your small home and the 5-inch memory foam mattress ensures that your guests enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

extra sleeping space for chair

Just like any other item you may want to purchase; sleeper chairs also offer you the opportunity to spend as much or as little as you may want to, depending on the depth of your pockets. If you are more inclined to avoid the higher end of the price spectrum, Mainstays Memory Foam Futon chair provides a versatile option for less than $200.

Those who are a fan of mid-century modern designs will fall in love with Soma Sleeper Sofa. It has a charming and functional form with bold color options that will enhance the interior décor of your space. The sofa measures just 35.5 by 82 by 36 inches, allowing you to fit it inside your den or home office.

Nobody wants an ugly-looking couch in their living room, even if it is just there to provide extra sleeping space. And this is why you may want to consider the immaculately designed Eliot Twin Sleeper chair. 

Its small design is perfect for mobile homes and cramped up apartments, and the sofa comes with a comfortable twin-size memory foam mattress that will feel magical to sleep on.